International Halal Services Agency Network

The Muslim is obliged to respect and practice the provisions of Sharia ovverossia the Divine Law.

Are principal sources of Sharia to the Koran (holy book revealed to Mohammad, divided into 114 chapters called Sure, in turn, divided into verses hayat) and Sunna (ovverossia the set of acts, omissions and sayings of Prophet Mohammad).
certificazioni halal


is an Italian certification body created on the basis of experience gained within the Islamic Cultural Center of Bologna.

The founders of Ihsan, in fact, have matured over the past years significant experience in Halal certification on behalf of the Mosque of Bologna providing control of both the companies that created and distributes products both Halal slaughterhouses kill the animals according to Islamic rites.

As trading certification applications have increased the Cultural Center has realized that the work hitherto pursued voluntarily and temporarily had to be carried out in a more stable and professional. To this end it has fostered the creation of a separate entity, such as appointments Ihsan, who was instructed to conduct the necessary checks and issue the resulting certifications. Ihsan, therefore, continues to operate with the approval and supervision of the Islamic Cultural Center realizes the need for an institution devoted to this issue.

Within Ihsan, and on his behalf, in fact, technicians and professionals working to ensure the companies, in the best possible way, the certification required by them. The same subjects also ensure the Muslim community and non-compliance with the rules prescribed by Islamic jurisprudence.

To this end, the certification body uses the expertise of Sharia (Islamic law), technicians specializing in chemical and food materials, technicians responsible for monitoring production and any other professionals needed to achieve a proper process of certification .