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The Muslim is obliged to respect and practice the provisions of Sharia ovverossia the Divine Law.

Are principal sources of Sharia to the Koran (holy book revealed to Mohammad, divided into 114 chapters called Sure, in turn, divided into verses hayat) and Sunna (ovverossia the set of acts, omissions and sayings of Prophet Mohammad).
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The need felt by Muslim consumers to have products which meet the requirements of Islamic law (Sharia) is increasingly raising both international and national level.
The market of Muslim faith has reached numbers elevetassimi. It increases continuously the faithful of Islam in the world that have now become almost a billion and a half.

Islam has indeed around the world about one and a half billion believers, divided into a band of states that reaches from Indonesia to Morocco. Furthermore, it is present in many important communities in many Western countries, Europe or North America.

Currently there are 57 Islamic states (are those belonging to the Organization of Islamic Conference, Organization of the Islamic Conference).

Even if the largest groups of Muslims are found in Asia (think the 250 million Muslims in Indonesia to 200 million in India and nearly as many of the REPUBLIC of China in the region of Xin Yang, the 100 million Bangladeshis, and 150 million Pakistanis) the number of believers has grown exponentially even in the European continent.

The latest data show it in 6 million Muslims in France, 3 million in Germany, 1 million and a half in Italy to get to around 20 million Muslims in Europe.

It should also be noted that the Halal market, contrary to popular thought, is not limited to food. The requirements on the legal and the illegal now cover many areas: from apparel to publishing, from finance to tourism, from chemistry to toys and telephony.

To this end Ihsan as well as providing advice on lawful and unlawful in the Islamic context, and certify the compliance of both products and production processes of the law and Islamic jurisprudence, provides additional assistance to companies wishing to operate in this area by providing a support in marketing, distribution and other tools necessary for the effective and proper penetration of Islamic products to market.