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The Muslim is obliged to respect and practice the provisions of Sharia ovverossia the Divine Law.

Are principal sources of Sharia to the Koran (holy book revealed to Mohammad, divided into 114 chapters called Sure, in turn, divided into verses hayat) and Sunna (ovverossia the set of acts, omissions and sayings of Prophet Mohammad).
certificazioni halal


Daniel Parracino Mohammad (Abu Omar)

In 1997 returns to Islam and for years worked actively within the Board of Directors of the Islamic Cultural Center of Bologna where he held the position of Vice President. During the years he handled the Halal Certification relatively slaughtering and derived products. In order to continue the business of Halal Certification on a professional level, he founded Ihsan, for over a decade, the company has been a partner of the Foundation Halal Correct, accredited at the international level by JAKIM Department of Islamic Development from Malaysia and MUI facilitating access to Asian market, especially Malaysia, Indonesia and Gulf Countries.

Mohammad Daniele is part of the staff of Halal Correct as exclusive advisor for Italy and is mainly engaged in the evaluation of the reports of accredited laboratories for research of Haram (prohibited) ingredients as traces of alcohol, traces of pig, animal rennet , various types of additives or preservatives prohibited by Islamic Law, or chemicals harmful to health.

Iman Tatiana Stroevici

She graduated in 2002 in Economics and Foreign Languages, in 2004 returned to Islam shortly afterwards began working with Ihsan arriving to cover today the post of head of marketing. Also deals with the verification of the data sheets of products to be certified, flow charts and a whole series of documents relating to all stages of production and storage of both products and raw materials.

Diego Bonini

Mr. Diego Bonini, is a Biologist – First-class honours degree – (Member of the Italian National Association of Biologists, Registered Identification Number: 062114 - http://www.onb.it/servizi_elencoiscritti.jsp) - food safety and quality assurance expert.
He follows the major technical processes, in order to ensure the higher scientific standard possible, in particular:
- Contract review activity and feasibility study for incoming projects and certification requests
- Halal products traceability documentation editing and control
- Customers portfolio technical management and deadlines checking in order to preserve the conformities of the customers certifications
- Raw materials and Finished products technical sheets editing and evaluation
- Accredited laboratory tests report evaluation issued for the research of the Haram ingredients (alcohol, pork meat, animal rennet)
- Internal procedures editing according to the current ISO standards

Noureddin Bahi

Born in Morocco in 1965 began working in the field of Halal Certification in 1999, specializing in the verification of halal slaughtering. Has always participated in various meetings at the international level about the specifics of the Islamic ritual slaughtering, staying up to date on methods of slaughtering itself including the stunning of animals.

For years he was a member Ucoii dealing with the inter-religious dialogue and he was also an intercultural mediator. Given his experience, now he is in charge of foreign communications mediating between western producers and consumers from Muslim countries. In addition, he deals with the traceability of finished products.