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The Muslim is obliged to respect and practice the provisions of Sharia ovverossia the Divine Law.

Are principal sources of Sharia to the Koran (holy book revealed to Mohammad, divided into 114 chapters called Sure, in turn, divided into verses hayat) and Sunna (ovverossia the set of acts, omissions and sayings of Prophet Mohammad).
certificazioni halal


Halal (حلال, Halal, Halaal) is an Arabic word which means lawful permitted. Opposed to another Arabic word Haram حرام that, on the contrary, it means illegal, prohibited. Within the Muslim word halal refers to anything that is permissible according to Islam with reference to the manner of speech, clothing, conduct and standards of nutrition.
In the latter field are addressed in particular the services rendered by Ihsan who cares to certify whether the slaughter of the animals and preparation of foods and drinks, in a lawful way according to Islamic law.
Indeed every Muslim is a duty to know this field of Islamic jurisprudence, understand and finally implement it. Ihsan is therefore proposed as an aid to practicing Muslim in the choice of food, drinks and all kinds of products that are to be considered lawful according to their religion.
The services rendered by Ihsan also allow the company producing and / or importing of which, after careful scrutiny, be issued a certificate attesting to the adjustment of production or importation of their products to Islamic jurisprudence.